PPE O-zone Sanitisers

In order to help the karting industry get up and running as fast as possible once restrictions are lifted, we have been working with a supplier and manufacturer of O-zone sanitising equipment to secure a product that meets the needs of our industry. We believe that giving the customer peace of mind that the equipment they are provided with has been cleansed as thoroughly as possible in a controlled environment will be a necessity to get the public back into the UK’s kart tracks.

Ozone gas (O3) is one of the strongest oxidants and disinfectants available, which can effectively destroy viruses & bacteria by breaking down their structure. O-zone can produce 99.99% death rates of bacteria. This in turn also leads to the removal of unpleasant odours, frequently found in helmets and other sporting equipment.

Once the cleaning cycle is finished, the internal filters within the unit purify the ozone air, remove harmful gases and allow the unit to be safely opened. Sanitised PPE can then be distributed or sealed for a later time as required.

BIZ Karts are pleased to offer the Klenz O-zone sanitising unit to our customers, in two different sizes, as listed below. Both the MS-280 and the MS-480 are automated, stand-alone units that will sanitise all types of equipment to consistent levels, as well as deal with purifying the O-zone after each cycle to make it safe for your staff and the public. Both units are self-contained requiring no additional ducting or processes.

The Klenz MS-280 Single compartment unit

The MS-280 is a single compartment/single door unit able to hold up to 20 helmets or 20 suits (or a mixture) at once.

The Klenz MS-480 Twin compartment unit

The MS-480 is a twin compartment/double door unit able to hold approximately 40 helmets or 40 suits across (or a mixture) at once.

PPE Sanitising Unit

Key Information

Sterilising method: O-zone air sanitisation.

Air purification: Contaminated air inside the chamber is completely purified through the purification filtering system.

Discharge of Moisture: Polluted moisture created inside the cabinet it purified through the purification filter.

Control Display: Display on the front of the machine shows run time and status.

Auto Control: Convenient to use. Auto processing and auto control functions through the in-built control system.


For more information on our outright purchase or leasing/rental options, please contact sales@bizkarts.com