Smart Light technology arrives

BIZ Karts presents the latest innovation in track safety, circuit management and driver experience! Exclusive to BIZ Karts, the tightly packaged 32 Tri-Colour LED's connect with the BIZ Kart Network and off kart systems to respond directly to safety information, kart diagnostics and live race information.

Integrated with the De Haardt Shutdown Transponder, SMART LIGHTS respond immediately to safety commands. No more excuses about not seeing the Flags! Red, yellow, green and even blue flag commands can be sent remotely to the lights giving drivers instant feedback from the kart in front or a light positioned on the dash. 

Connected to the BIZ Kart Network, the SMART LIGHTS can act as tail lights, head lights, brake lights and reverse lights. Customise your dash light to display battery state of charge, speed or Push-2-Pass (Boost). Anything is possible, you decide what you want!

When integrated with timing hardware and software, the SMART Lights can enhance your event experience indicating karts leading the race and team colours.

Smart Lights will be available on selected karts from mid-2018. Stay tuned for more information.


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