Off-Road Karts

Our JK range consists of three different models, which suit all age groups and most off-road environments. The smallest of the range is the JK5 Garden Kart, ideal for children up to around 15 years old. The JK6 Paddock Kart is the next level up, with CVT transmission and roll over bar, suitable for adults and children above the age of 11. Our third off-road rally kart is the fully roll-caged JK7 Thunder Hawk Rally Kart, with all round suspension that is designed for adults. Read on below to find out more about our off-road collection.

JK5 Garden Kart

twobytwo_JK5_360_23 copy.png

The JK5 Garden Kart has been purposefully designed with a younger age group in mind, aged between 6 and 15, to be used around the garden.

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JK6 Paddock Kart

twobytwo_JK6151214_023 copy.png

Our JK6 Paddock kart has been designed specifically for use around a large garden, paddock or field. With rollover bar and four point harness as standard, the JK6 takes bumpy terrain in its stride and guarantees a really exciting drive.

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JK7 Rally Kart

Buggy land162.JPG

The JK7 Thunder Hawk Rally Kart offers the ultimate off-road experience. With upgraded CVT drive, adjustable front suspension and rear swinging-arm, this kart is well equipped to deal with all terrain. Often purchased by customers for corporate events, this off road machine offers complete safety.

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