New Karts

We offer a wide range of new karts that are designed and manufactured in-house. Each kart is custom built to the exact standards required by the client. Although the main focus of our business is on commercial go-karts, we also manufacture race karts, off-road rally karts and bespoke two-seater karts. Our go-karts range from electric to petrol or LPG, and we have different karts to suit all driver ages and sizes. The additional options we offer on the karts are endless, so you can be sure you get exactly what you want. With in excess of 1000 karts built in our factory every year, BIZ Karts have the experience and production capabilities to cope with any order.

Commercial Karts

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We are renowned in the rental kart world for the high quality, durability and handling characteristics of our go-karts. Our vast range of karts are all purposely designed using technologically advanced components and materials to suit the commercial kart market. Our karts offer the most rewarding and involving drive found in 4 stroke commercial karting. Click on the link below to take a look at our different models and find the right kart to suit you.

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Electric Karts

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Our R&D team spent multiple years fully re-developing our electric kart. The EcoVolt NG is the most technologically advanced electric kart available on the commercial market today. With a fantastic electronics system featuring brushless motor, active balancing Battery Management System, and lithium-ion batteries, our karts provide an unrivalled performance.

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Petrol Karts

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BIZ Karts have been building petrol karts for over 20 years. With such a huge wealth of experience, our petrol karts have set the industry standard for commercial karts. All karts from our vast product range are manufactured in-house and on an individual basis, ensuring maximum customisation and flexibility. Click on the button below to read about the various rental kart models we offer.

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Race Karts

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Our race kart line up consists of the beautifully engineered Honda JK1R Pro Kart and the Dolphin Bambino. Over the years, our race go-karts have gained a reputation for performance, reliability and innovation, winning just about every major endurance race and championship both in the UK and abroad.

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Off-Road Karts

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The BIZ off-road range consists of three different models, which suit all age groups and most off-road environments. The smallest is the JK5 kart, a brilliant garden kart that's ideal for children up to around 15 years old. The next level up is our JK6 Paddock Kart. With CVT transmission and roll over bar, it's great fun and suitable for adults and children above the age of 11. Our third off-road rally kart is the fully roll-caged JK7 Thunder Hawk with all round suspension that is designed for adults. Click on the link below to find out more about our exciting off-road buggy range.

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2-Seater Karts


We offer two different models: The Tandem and the Dual Drive. Find out which of our innovative two-seaters suits your circuit requirements here.

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