We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with customers. Take a look through some of our most recent customer testimonials.

Thierry Tolede - Owner - RMT Karting, Limoges, France

"BIZ Karts is the best value in the field of high-tech electric karts ....
moreover, the brand new ECOVOLT GT is simply beautiful !!! "

« BIZ Karts est le meilleur rapport qualité/prix dans le domaine des karts électriques high-tech….
de plus, le tout nouveau ECOVOLT GT est tout simplement magnifique !!! »

TeamSport Crawley - Tom Langridge, Head Mechanic

"The Le Mans kart is perfectly balanced, performs very well on all surfaces, provides predictable handling that feels very precise and has excellent low and top end engine performance courtesy of the kart's simple and low weight design. The Le Mans has been constructed with mechanics and maintenance in mind. Simplicity and strength is key. The Le Mans provides excellent accessibility with no dismantlement to gain access to inspect and maintain components. Maintenance, checks, inspections, repairs, and adjustments can be performed very quickly and efficiently. We can accurately predict and plan maintenance due to the ease of inspection the clever design provides. Evolved from years of experience and feedback the latest Le Mans model boasts a vast array of improved and reinforced components to further increase reliability against potential failures and breakages - significantly lowering running costs. The BIZ Le Mans kart is the ultimate package!"

 TeamSport Farnborough - Russell Martin, Site Manager

"Having worked with both petrol and LPG powered karts at number of our sites across the UK, I was keen to experience electric karts for the first time at our new centre in Farnborough. Since opening I have been hugely pleased with the fleet for a number of reasons. Firstly due to the fact that these karts really confound customer expectations in terms of their performance, especially how well they accelerate and handle. Secondly by the design and aesthetics which give a real WOW factor to our drivers. Finally by their impact on the operation of the circuit which is cleaner, quieter, and simpler!”

The Experience, Glasgow - Craig Duffy, Karting Coordinator

"As Karting Coordinator of The Experience I am in charge of ensuring that our customers have the best experience possible when they come go-karting. Having never driven an electric kart myself before working here I was slightly skeptical about the ability of the karts to perform to the same level as petrol karts that I had driven. When we received the karts I was absolutely blown away by the performance of the karts. The speed, handling and feel of the karts are spectacular and with no emissions it feels a lot cleaner. I would also add that the service provided by BIZ Karts has been excellent. Any time we have any sort of issues they are remedied as quickly as possible with no fuss. As we are so new to this industry it has been excellent for us to have a company like BIZ Karts who are always on hand to offer advice".


Go Karting San Bartolome, Lanzarote - John Spinks, Owner

I have used BIZ Karts as my supplier for several years now, and would like to say it has been a pleasure at all times to do business with the company. All the staff are very professional and willing to help at all times, and resolve any problems that occur, as quickly as possible. The karts and parts supplied by them have proved to be durable and reliable. We are over 2,000 miles away and the supply chain is difficult and time consuming, therefore, the reliability of the karts has been essential to us. I have no hesitation in recommending BIZ Karts to any potential clients, and can be contacted at any time in the Canary Islands if you require further testimonial.

Lanzarote Circuit.jpg 

M4 Karting, Swindon

"M4 Karting wish to thank BIZ Karts for everything. The communication upon arrival dates was spot on, it was an effortless transaction, always being kept in the loop on the progress of the karts. The karts themselves are fabulous. The way the power is laid down and the way they handle is phenomenal. It has put a smile on everyone’s faces. Not just ours but the customers."

Rye House Kart Raceway, Hoddesdon - Ryan Musk, Manager

"Rye House is proud to advertise that “BIZ” are their sole supplier of corporate racing machines. BIZ Karts set the industry standard for corporate racing karts and such is their reputation, our clients almost demand we use them! BIZ manufacturing knowledge partnered with our “racing” legacy has successfully lead to our current fleet of Le Mans which we deem peerless! Fantastic outfit throughout & a great team to work with!"

Rye House Fleet 3.JPG