BIZ Karts are able to manufacture and deliver large fleet orders complete with spares packages in very short delivery times. We have invested in the latest manufacturing technologies, including robotic welding cells and CNC high speed piercing equipment. As experienced karting manufacturers, we have found a balance between meeting high volume production and maintaining our ability to offer individual customer detail.

Our team of highly experienced engineers complete all metalwork in-house. Our CNC punching machine and laser cutters are used in the production of integral components and the chassis is fully hand welded and straightened in our factory.

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Once the chassis have been electrostatically polyester powder coated and passed through our quality control system, they are transported upstairs to our kart workshop. Our team assemble each component and the resulting product is a hand built kart that meets the customer’s specific requirements. Once the assembly stage is complete, we move on to the finishing touches, including final quality control checks and applying the graphics set.